What We Do

1. Consultation

We meet with you and find out about your project’s aims and requirements. We establish a timeframe for the project together and produce a proposal that can be used as a basis to develop ideas in the right direction. We find it is essential to clearly set out our role and your goals early on in the project to avoid wasting any time or money.

2. Design Concept

We produce a scheme board to make sure you are happy with the direction we are heading. We find it useful to present to all those involved at this stage so that everybody working on the project can have input. We find that many good ideas are always generated at this stage.

3. Photo-realistic Rendering

We produce photo-realistic visual renderings of the project so that you can see what the concept will look like when it is finished. This is always a very useful step as it makes co-ordinating different trades much easier if everybody has a clear image in their heads to work towards. It also makes it easier to communicate between us all as a picture really does say a thousand words.

4. Detailed Drawings

We create construction documents or “shop drawings” so that craftspeople, trades people, and contractors can see how they will carry out the work. This is useful, not only for installation, but also for tendering purposes.

5. Fully Itemised Specification

We produce a fully broken down, costed, itemised specification of what is to be installed. This allows you to see what is being installed, by whom, and for how much. This provides transparency and trust and we feel is a crucial stage that is often skipped in the industry.

6. Procurement

Purchasing, ordering, shipping, receiving, and inspecting. On a large project this often requires considerable attention to detail to ensure everything arrives when and as it should.

7. Project Management

Depending on the scope of the project and how you want to run it, this may simply involve the coordination and installation of furnishings, or it is often the complete project management and overseeing of the build.